Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Percentage for Art Programs

While the requirements vary in communities that support public art displays, a typical financial commitment is about 1 percent. Sarasota County allocates .85 percent from its capital improvement budget for public art at new and existing government facilities.

I took this from an article discussing Sarasota County, Florida's, requirement that developers pay a percentage of their fees to fund public art.

Some may feel government is forcing culture down people's throats. Others, like me, feel that why not make our public surroundings as beautiful and as interesting as possible? If you live in a suburb of a major metropolitan area like I do where developers are down at the bottom of the popularity list as those that desecrate farm land for cookie-cutter houses, then why not force them to donate a percentage of their huge profits for the public good?

Some areas call this type of deal a "Percentage for Art" program. If you have a program like this in your area, please let me know how it works for your community.

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