Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sears Sold Fine Art?

From the "who knew?" file:

At one time Sears, with the help of old time horror movie star Vincent Price, sold art by Picasso, Chagall, and others. Costco is trying to do that today - well, good luck!
What I like about this quote from the article is the "belief that art is everyone."
You got it.

Still, you can't help but be touched by the faith in middlebrow taste that once inspired the executives of America's best-loved mail-order store to try selling Picassos to their customers, assisted by a genial horror-movie star who shared their belief that art was for everyone. "It's just endless what you can learn from a single work of art," Price once said. "You can fill up the crevices of your life, the cracks of your life, the places where the mortar comes out and falls away--you can fill it up with the love of art." Who's telling us that now?


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