Thursday, August 18, 2005

"If It Doesn't Move, It Gets Painted"

In the "art is my life" category, this group gets high marks for inspiration and enthusiasm. And the quote pulled from this article is definitely T-shirt-worthy.

Armed with paintbrushes and paint of all kinds, the artists take aim at their target: "If it doesn't move, it gets painted," said Carolyn Murphey as she and other members gathered at their usual meeting spot.
In exchange for use of meeting space and facilities at Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church, the organization painted murals in the church's Sunday school rooms, transforming white cinder block walls into colorful scenes.
Lancaster and her son, Patrick Welch, guided 23 members through the project, the largest the group has undertaken. In one room, they painted a Noah's Ark, complete with detailed paintings of animals and biblical figures.
"You can look in this room and look in this room and you are going to find things you didn't think were there," Lancaster said.
Among the little discoveries are a person carrying a Ukrop's bag, ants on an ant hill and potatoes in a hole.
Artists painted a nativity scene in a room used for an adult class and a mural of Jesus and children in a preschool room.
"The church absolutely loved it," Moore said. "One kid wrote, 'Every time I come in here, if I'm sad, it makes me happy.'"!flair&s=1045855936229

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