Monday, September 21, 2009

Bad Economy Hits Local Culture

This is a local story, but it is being repeated all over the country. When the economy is bad, things that aren't a priority for living go by the wayside. If it comes down to a choice, will you put food on the table or go to see a local theater group put on a play? That would be a no-brainer. Here's another thought: instead of your morning coffee at Starbucks, bring it from home for a week and donate the money to a local arts organization.

Why? Because local arts organizations enrich lives. They bring in people from outside your community to spend their dollars inside your community. They provide opportunities for people to socialize with like-minded people and research after research proves that people with healthy relationships have healthier lives than people who don't. And we should all spend a portion of our time in the real world, not just the virtual one.

The local theater group here is the Town Square Players of Woodstock, Illinois. Support them if you can.

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