Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I watched the 140 year old church across the street burn on Monday. From what I see of it today, I'm not sure if it will be able to be restored.

In its life, it has been an Episcopalian church, a Grange Hall, and a residence. Though I've lived across the street from it for over 25 years and heard lots of stories, no-one can remember a connection to the Jewish faith. Why then, is there a prominent Star of David carved on the front? In the middle of the Star of David, there are what appears to be flowers or something like it. Incidentally, the carving was saved.

Here we have a symbol that to most of us means one thing but, to whomever carved it, it meant something else. For those of us who took art history lessons, there was always a lively debate about the symbolism in some paintings. Unless the artist left a specific written record, symbolism is often a personal interpretation.

By the way, if anyone knows anything about a Star of David with flowers on the inside, please let me know!

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