Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Next Creative Age

Advocate for the Arts
Interesting comment found recently:
it is clear that the pervasive worldwide spread of the Internet, digitization and the availability of white collar skills abroad, mean huge cost savings for those global corporations. Consequently, this shift of high tech service jobs will be a permanent feature of economic life in the 21st century. On the positive side, some economists believe that this will improve the profits and efficiency of American corporations and set the stage for the next big growth-generating breakthrough. But what will that be?

Many, like the Nomura Research Institute, argue that the stage is set for the advance of the "Creative Age," a period in which America should once again thrive and prosper because of our tolerance for dissent, respect for individual enterprise, freedom of expression and recognition that innovation is the driving force for the U.S. economy, not mass production of low-value goods and services.

Today, the demand for creativity has outpaced our nation's ability to create enough workers simply to meet our needs.

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