Monday, January 31, 2005

Starting out!

This was my New Year's resolution - to start a blog about art advocacy. There are many websites out there that promote art education but I'm more interested in grass roots (read: cheap!) ways to make sure everyone has access to the visual arts.
Too often art is taught in schools as a kind of "add-on" or extra. Now I'm not saying that Math and English aren't important but art is just as important to learning. There are plenty of studies out there that prove that art education teaches creativity and that children involved in art are "well-rounded" and are more likely to succeed intellectually.
I liken that to exercising-you wouldn't be involved in an exercise program that just worked leg muscles, would you? You'd want to exercise your whole body to be fit. Well that's how I see education-it should be the whole brain, not just the Math parts!
I came across an article last year in the Harvard Business Review. Long story short, it said that companies were starting to look at MFAs instead of MBAs to run them. Seems MFAs are the ones with the creativity and vision...
Anyone out there with an innovative ideas or comments that further art education, please post or e-mail me!

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